First understand that a good website is NOT built in a couple of hours or even overnight. This page alone took several hours of thought and coding to develop it to look and sound the way I wanted it to.

It takes more than one contact between the contact person and the web developer to create a dynamic website. A great website is ‘developed’ using both your business experience and mine which requires good communications between all of us involved. My contact from your organization will be in constant correspondence with me every step of the way by phone, text, and E-Mail. I will use only one contact on your end. He/She will be the "go-to" person on YOUR END to make final decisions. If I take orders from different people that have no idea what the others are thinking YOU will be wasting valuable time and money unnecessarily.

Your site isn’t going to be built by a 12 year old who has nothing better to do on his/her summer vacation. Since it will be an integral part of your business, its survival in this new e-commerce world depends on how professional it looks. It is going to be structurally designed and developed by a successful former businessman who has paid to go to college to get the proper education needed to excel in this field. I live in Janesville, Wisconsin and I work locally, within 30-50 miles, so that I can give the personal attention that is needed to my customers. I don’t live in New Delhi, India or the Philippines so I am readily accessible for a cup of coffee and a handshake.

One of the first questions a client will ask is “What will this cost?” The basic business website will be $450. This basic site will consist of a HOME page which will introduce your company and direct the viewer to whatever interests them with structured navigation, an ABOUT page which could give a brief history and recent or current updates on the status of your organization, a CONTACT page, and 2 additional pages. Along with this, there will be an area for your favorite links on a side or top bar with up to 10 links and sub-links combined. These can be links to other sites that you may wish to promote such as your daughter's business of making wedding dresses, your hobby of collecting antique cars, your customers or even business associates similar to www.dennisaitken.com.

There are many things that YOU need to get ready to have your website built. Reading the links listed here and filling out the form is most important as we start designing your website. There is not one website developer who knows everything about every business on this planet. Most businesses are unique in some way, but there are many areas of business that are common to all businesses. YOU are the professional in YOUR organization.

Remember that starting a website is just as much work as having another manufacturing plant or store made from brick and mortar and it must be treated as such if you want it to be successful and help your business grow. As I said before, this is not something that should be taken lightly. This is a whole new structured department. There are larger companies that have in-house staff that is dedicated just to working on developing their website and maintaining it as it continues to grow. They started out, just like you are, with a basic website and slowly built it up from there. That is because it is a crucial part of your business and represents you online. I work with small businesses that need a helping hand starting out and growing slowly at their own pace possibly due to the constraints of time and money. As you know, websites vary greatly depending on what they need to do.

Here are a few types of websites that are currently out there:

  • **Informational Websites
  • **Personal Websites
  • Blog/Forum Websites
  • eCommerce
  • File Sharing Websites
  • Mobile Device Websites
  • Social Websites (like Facebook)
**This is what I specialize in. Any or all of these can be incorporated into your website as your website grows.