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Where Are You Now?

This is a very interesting game that was played amongst the chapter members in 2009 and was very well accepted. 
This year we are doing it again and the entry fee to join this game will remain the same $10.00.  After you pay you will receive a list of
coordinates and addresses to go to.  You will then write down where you are and answer the question by printing your answers on a sheet of paper (now you can go below and just type it in on the form).

Return the answer sheet and give it to Kevin (or send it in electronically) before 10/1/2010  Have Fun & be safe!

The website below will convert GPS coordinates to a map location if you do not own a GPS unit.
You can enter the
coordinates just as they appear.


Address   N8017 Clover Valley Road   City:   Whitewater   WI
    N42 47.069  W88 42.876            
Question:   What Year?            
    How deep?            

    Answer form electronically goes directly to Kevin ONLY

It's Time!  What the heck are we talking about?  It is our 2010, Chapter-A, Where Are You Now game.  If you have not participated in the fun, all summer long game.  Don't miss it this year!

This is a great way to:

Here is how it works.......
There have been 20 secret locations scouted out in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois for our game.

To play, you simply submit a $10.00 per bike entry fee to get your list of locations. 
You donít need a GPS, but it may help ☺ (even hand held units are OK). Or, you can plan to ride with someone in the group who has a GPS. Once you get your list of locations you may start the game. The only time limit is to have your answer sheets returned by October 1, 2010 for entry into the prize drawing.  You can even enter your completed answer sheet on our Chapter-A Website!

The more that play, the more prizes we will have Ė so, tell a friend!  Anyone can play!!  At our October Gathering, we will have a drawing for prizes. You will receive 1 entry for each correct location you submit. You will receive a bonus of 5
extra tickets if you complete all the stops and have the correct answers.  You do not need to be present to win.

The game sheets will be available this weekend at our Monthly Gathering/get-together on
Sunday, March 21 at Culver's-Newville, WI (I-90 Exit 163) 5:00pm.  (Map Here).

If you aren't going to be able to make the get-together and trailering seminar this weekend, you can mail me a check made payable to: GWRRA, WI-A ($10 per bike).  When I receive your check, I will e-mail you the game coordinates and answer sheet.

Let's get started!   This is a LOT of fun!  Don't miss it this year!