These videos are for not only for your enjoyment but as a learning experience.

Number 1 & 4 may be hard to load just be patient & it will be worth the wait.

1   Rider Hits Deer   You will feel yourself leaning in your chair with each turn.
2   Gymkhana   I could only wish I could be as good as this guy!
3   Get Offs   Can you say ouch? Where did that snake come from???
4   Full Lap   I know you will enjoy this professional stunt artist.
5   Video on building
a Goldwing
  I wish I could build a bike this fast!
6   Deals Gap on
a Goldwing
  Don't fall off your chair while leaning with the rider.
7   How to pick up
a Goldwing
  This is Jerry "Motorman" Palladino's segment from YouTube. Excellent video to learn from.
Jerry teaches motorcycle police officers how to ride proficiently.
8   Awareness   What do you need to be noticed?
9   Patriot Guard Movie   A very touching movie about Utah's Patriot Guards & why they do what they do.
10   Rider Perception Test   Improve your visual perception to be safer on the road
11   Distracted Drivers   A good view of what texting & cell phone usage has done to people.
12   NEW CPR   New CPR classes taught without mouth to mouth resuscitation for the layperson
13   Hang on to your handlebars   I've done some crazy riding before when I used to climb cliffs & trail riding but this? 
THIS would be awesome! I just wish I was 30 years younger again to try it!


See if you still want to drink and drive
or drive your bike after dark
after watching these videos!

    FATALITY BY LEFT HAND TURNER   This video is where a motorcyclist is driving at night and crashes into a car that decides to make a left hand turn in front of him.  I don't know if the light turned & the motorcyclist is at fault and tried to beat the light or not.

This video is from the Transport Accident Commission in Australia
This is
NOT for the faint of heart but as a reminder of what drinking & driving
can do to you as a drinker or the victim of a driver under the influence.


 Send me your videos for review and maybe I will put them up here too.