History of

Chapter-A is the oldest chapter in Wisconsin, founded in March in 1981 in the basement of Ken Kimpling on Pontiac Drive in Janesville.  There were about 24 perspective members at this meeting.  Steve Dorcey recalls this date so well because he had a 1981 Honda Interstate on order at Harder’s Honda and picked it up a week after the meeting. 

Ken was the first “Area Rep” (now called Chapter Director) for Chapter-A.  Ken was in that position for six (6) months and became the first State Director in Wisconsin.  Ken’s friend, Gerald (Jerry) Kotche followed Ken as the second Area Rep and his wife, Elly made all the yellow Chapter vests.  Jerry soon handed the reigns back to Ken who now stepped in as the third Area Rep for the “Blackhawk Valley Rollin’ Wings”, which was the name selected for the group at this time since equal number of members were from Illinois as Wisconsin at that time. (All of this happened in 1981) 

Steve Dorcey became Area Rep in December of 1981.  Ken Kimpling left the State Director’s position in the spring of 1982 following the State Rally and was replaced by Dick Sternat of Mayville.  Dick held the position until the winter of 1983 at which time Steve Dorcey stepped into the position as the third State Director and Steve Stone was appointed to take over Chapter-A as Area Rep.   

Steve Dorcey resigned the State Director position in the summer of 1985 following the State Rally as he was being transferred from his General Motors job in Janesville to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Les Shruck filled the state position at that time. 

Chapter-A met in a variety of places over the years, The Bank (a bar between Janesville & Beloit), a restaurant in Newville, WI and several member’s homes.  There were many bake sales held at Harder’s Honda, poker runs and other fun events with lots of good people. 

In 1985, Virgil & Sandi Kindschi took over the Chapter and was at the helm for many years.  Other names you will recognize from the early days are:

Willie & Rose Schoff    1983
Ed & Rosemary Martin   1985
Bill (deceased) and Helen Holder   1988

As you know, these folks are still very active in our Chapter today!  We are so fortunate to have such a rich history within our group and continue to be blessed with their participation today!