What you see below is what I use in any professional business website.
Get a piece of paper and write down ideas that come to your head when you read these items below.
Below is the information with explanation and an example.

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This bit of code explains to your viewer in a short phrase what your visitor can expect to see on your website. As an example:
(description) "Various Photography serves all of southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois."
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Over 80% of all online users start with a search query using Google, ASK, Yahoo, BING, and so on.
When you browse to a search engine you fill out certain keywords that match what you are looking for.
That's why it's so important to give me relevant and correct keywords.
Please write down relevant words that work with your website. Here are examples:
(keywords) fire photography, food photography, industrial photography, macro photography, media photography, nature photography, panoramic photography, virtual reality imaging photography, VRI photography, wide angle photography, no wedding photography, no portrait photography"
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Find a website where you like the layout.
Example: Maybe it has a top section that doesn't change and the links are on top
OR maybe it has a top section that doesn't change and it has a left side bar that has the links.
Maybe it has a footer that doesn't change or no footer at all.
Go to my SAMPLE PAGE and check out the different styles there or write down the addresses of other websites so that we can discuss them. If, for example, you happen to like the GoldWing website but a black background and gold lettering isn't what you are looking for and you would rather have a background like this site I can mix and match to whatever you want AND fonts can be whatever color is pleasant to the eyes for that background you picked.
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You will be constantly be thinking of great layout or color ideas or things you want to say on your website. Keep a notepad or recorder with you. Some phones even have an app with the recorder. Don't worry about correct spelling &/or punctuation on your website. I have the privilege of having an expert that works with me that has had 13 years of nuns training her and she was also the top writer for the college newspaper at Blackhawk Technical College who is my editor here.